Babelsberg Potsdam | Echo Akut 3.0


quantrum subliminal brainwaves Installation | 180° Panorama Projection | 360° WFS Audio

spacial drawing

The 360° WFS Audio track is based on alpha waves (14-8 HZ | quantum subliminal brainwaves) and leads the recipient to the Gate of Meditation. Alpha waves occur in a relaxed state of mind, while daydreaming and visualizing; they are a necessary bridge for information from the Theta-Area to reach our waking consciousness. The 180° Panorama Projection shows a slow flight over the North German coast – one sees natural and  drawn landscape lines of coast and sea. The slightly swinging bird’s eye perspective reinforces the movement from a mediative resolution of individual images to an endless flow of visual transitions.

Masterpiece | Imagonautenstudio Potsdam 2015
sound design: Jens Müller | speaker: Annika Graalfs

Cooperation with Film-Universität Konrad Wolf | Heinrich Hertz Institut
Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor | Technische Universität Berlin

Skills: Installation